IOTI April 21, 2017


  • Australia-based Freestyle Technology has inked a $5.8 million contract to roll out an IoT water management solution for the  South Korean municipality of Gochang. The five-year contract will equip 24,000 homes with an end-to-end system of smart water meters, communications equipment and cloud-based software to detect water leaks and recommend courses of action. It was a key win for the Australian firm, competing against several Korean suppliers over a two-year bidding process. 
  • Silver Spring Networks has been selected as a major IoT provider by NRTC, which represents more than 1,500 rural electric and telephone utilities and affiliates in 48 states, serving around 20 million homes and 50 million residents. Under the agreement, NRTC will offer Silver Spring’s high-performance, multi-application Gen5 platform to its electric utility membership. The agreement will allow NRTC to offer reliable two-way advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and other future smart grid and related applications.

  • Narrative Science, a Chicago-based pioneer of natural language machine learning has raised $11 million in Series D funding. The company's Quill product is designed to "humanize" data, turning numbers into a story which is actionable. Demand for these tools will increase as the flood of IoT data increases and companies need it interpreted quickly and clearly.


In its June 2016 mobility report, Ericsson sees a clear path away from cellular-based IoT over the next four years.

Source: Ericsson Mobility Report, June 2016

Source: Ericsson Mobility Report, June 2016


Hungarian researchers have just published a study which outlines a low-cost way to monitor animal location and activity for agricultural applications. Dual-band GPS can do the job, but is too expensive. The researchers explain how to do it with low-cost local sensors using differential equations. The only catch: To be accurate, animals need to be stationary 8-10 minutes at a time. The researchers estimated cows were stationary 40-80% of their grazing time.


What do you get when you put an MS in Statistics from Stanford and a visual arts genius in one room?  This great tutorial on machine learning. Using a scrolling technique to illustrate mathematical concepts and data organization is brilliant. The data is no longer static: it's a living creature.

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